Laptop upgradation

For the last couple of months I have being planing to upgrade my laptop. My current laptop is 2Gb RAM and Pentium laptop from Asus. I have upgraded it’s hard disk to SSD and its battery pack. I was quite happy about its performance. One of the thing I really liked about the laptop is that it had a great sound. But two months ago it started giving me someĀ  kind of noises while I play music or movies.

Though I am a tech savvy person and I would like to use latest gadgets but as I move to the territory of 30s I started to have a feeling that I should use products until it stops working. Yes I can afford yet another laptop but this feeling prevents me from buying new one.

For the past couple of years I had the habit of buying things which I don’t require or I don’t use in the near future. since all of my purchases occurs through credit card , I haven’t realized until now how much financial burden was caused by my this purchasing behavior( sine I am paying through EMIs).

Now, I don’t replace things until it break or purchase until it is absolutely necessary.
So that I can have some kind of financial discipline.



Hey guys welcome to my new blog. I have been planing to start a new blog  as my old blogs are completely dysfunctional now.

Those who start writing  blogs will have some kind of planning about the contents of their blogs. Yes me too have some ideas about what kind of post I should post here. My current plan is to write  about Indian companie with  strategic tech perspective. May be I will add some other type content in the near future.

Another thing I should be worried about the posting schedule of this blog. I will try to write as much posts as I can – this may be sound like a muddy promise. But from my experience, I should not promise anything that I can’t deliver. So this is the best I can offer. Hope my readers will not be disheartened by my decision.

Thank you for visiting my blog