Laptop upgradation

For the last couple of months I have being planing to upgrade my laptop. My current laptop is 2Gb RAM and Pentium laptop from Asus. I have upgraded it’s hard disk to SSD and its battery pack. I was quite happy about its performance. One of the thing I really liked about the laptop is that it had a great sound. But two months ago it started giving me some  kind of noises while I play music or movies.

Though I am a tech savvy person and I would like to use latest gadgets but as I move to the territory of 30s I started to have a feeling that I should use products until it stops working. Yes I can afford yet another laptop but this feeling prevents me from buying new one.

For the past couple of years I had the habit of buying things which I don’t require or I don’t use in the near future. since all of my purchases occurs through credit card , I haven’t realized until now how much financial burden was caused by my this purchasing behavior( sine I am paying through EMIs).

Now, I don’t replace things until it break or purchase until it is absolutely necessary.
So that I can have some kind of financial discipline.


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